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The composition and function of electronic connectors

The composition and function of electronic connectors
What is the electronic connector
Electronic connector refers to a variety of electronic components between the connection unit, mainly as the chip on the circuit board, between the circuit board and the circuit board to the box electronic signal connection and transmission. Types, can be divided into substrate connector, angle connector, cylindrical connector, and the popular PCMCIA specification connector and so on.
Although the definition of electronic connectors has not been clear, the scope of its coverage, the general understanding does not include the power plug or socket other than the high voltage, high current electrical or electrical connectors: the electrical switch does not include large, in Japan Most of the industry people are directly in English (Connector) transliteration, sometimes called "continuous", in mainland China is the use of "electrical plug" or "electrical connectors" including connectors and switches, regardless of electronic, A broad term for electrical appliances. In terms of applications, most of the electronic connectors are used in computers, telecommunications, aviation, automotive and various instruments above.
Application of the connector
Electronic connectors for electrical products, as the name suggests it is playing the electronic number or component connections, is a multi-joint or assembly of products, and cover sheet metal, surface plating, precision machining and plastic molding and other key technologies. As the electronic transmission and connection, if the electronic connector problems, will lead to electronic components and even the entire equipment failure. The entire connector, including the terminal and the plastic two main parts, in addition to the selection of the terminal part of the material, the electroplating and die are good or bad will affect the product quality, of course, plastic parts is the same reason.
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